About Us

It happens many times each week – a customer comes in for service on their vehicle- each interaction is unique.

It’s just a moment in time –one hand reaching out to shake the out stretched hand of another. Or in many instances, two sets of arms wrapped around one another in the embrace of friendship, celebration, or compassion.
It’s a connection.

We make sure everything we do honors that connection – from our commitment to the highest quality automotive service and repairs, to the way we engage with our customers and communities to do business responsibly.

From our beginnings over ten years ago, with every person we’ve met, with every vehicle we’ve serviced, we've striven to leave both a little better than we found it.

Every day we go to work our goal is to accomplish two things: provide great automotive service to our customers and help make the world a little better. This was true on opening day in 2004, and it’s just as true today.
From the beginning, Crossroads Automotive set out to be a different kind of company. We’re thankful for all the talent God has brought together within our company. We’re proud to be Americans. We love the unique friendship we have with each of our customers. We enjoy sharing all of this with all of you.
We give all the glory to God.
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