Donnie Gregory

Donnie is the other co-owner of Crosswords Automotive, Inc.  He is a genuinely honest and caring person whose goal is to provide quality service with unequaled integrity and capability to all his customers.
His natural desire for serving others began at an early age under his parents’ tutelage.   They were a family of produce  farmers and his dad was also a preacher.  Farm life left Donnie with the love of sports, corn-cob-baseball, an unprecedented work ethic,  and this unwavering belief:

“What you are is God's gift to you, what you become is your gift to God.”

Donnie’s talent for serving others turned to the automotive industry.  In 1986 he chose a career where his ability to “facilitate and manage” developed into the position of Service Manager.

A bond of friendship and common priorities, including love of the Lord, developed with Keith Byrd, a fellow employee, and over time they eventually decided to start their own business hence, Crosswords Automotive, Inc. was formed in 2004 .

Donnie is a native of Dunn, NC, and lives  in his childhood “home place” with his wife, Debra, “the love of his life.” Together, they have four married children and  six adorable grandchildren. They also share a tremendous Faith.

“We are healed to help others. We are blessed to be a blessing. We are saved to serve, not to sit around and wait for heaven.”

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