Joseph Bowen

Joseph joined us in June 2013 having just graduated  from  Central Carolina Community College with a degree in Automotive Systems Technology. Josephs’ concentration was in Electrical  Diagnostics and Repair,  and  Engine Performance.  I’ll let you in on a little secret; Joseph graduated #1 in his class. Don’t tell him I told you.


Many of you may know Joseph and his family. They’re salt-of–the-earth and the workhorses of their family owned  logging business. Working in the family business from the age of 10 has honed Joseph’s  work ethic and instilled in him the confidence  to be his own man and pursue his dreams.

“My dreams had to be His dreams, the ones He placed in my heart. They couldn't be the ones I thought I should have, or needed for the purpose of making other people like me.”


Joseph is in his element!  He’s a natural at diagnosing and repairing vehicles. His kind and patient disposition, and his commitment to giving each customer’s vehicle his undivided attention until the repairs are complete make him a customer favorite.


 “Life is learning to take God's hand.....and hold on.”

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